elect three publicly traded, dividend paying companies, each represen

elect three publicly traded,
dividend paying
companies, each representing different industry. I would suggest choosing large, known firms, as it will be easier to obtain all necessary data. Also ensure that each firm you select has five years of financial statements data and at least a year of daily stock prices data available. You can obtain this data via most of the financial news websites (finance.yahoo.com, wsj.com, money.msn.com u2013 to name just a few
). Collect balance sheet and income statement data for years 2008-2012 and daily stock prices for 2012.
Part One
A. Complete ratio analysis for each firm and prepare a single table showing all ratios [TABLE 1a]. (take a look for the outlay/format of ratios we did for Kellogg
I will provide you with this example
). In [TABLE 1b] show abbreviated balance sheet and income statement information for each of the 3 companies.
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Success Does Not Come Easy—Why You Need To Focus On One Thing At A Time

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott talk to Matt Paulson—MattPaulson.com. Matt is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and an author.

His largest business, MarketBeat.com, makes real-time financial information available to investors of all levels. He also does a daily investment newsletter that has more than 430,000 subscribers, a startup Q&A podcast, and a financial news websites that attracts more than 4 million pageviews each month.

Listen in as Matt delves into:

-Scaling too fast, a recipe for failure
-His competitive edge that he attributes to his success
-His strategy for getting 4 million pageviews a month

Plus, Matt shares his early beginnings which started at age 10 when he was writing HTML before computers were commonplace in every home. His first website was getting 25 pageviews a day, in the 90’s when the World Wide Web was just getting started.

Listen in now.

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Kaveri Engine to power India’s LCA-Tejas MK-1A, Bengali

French weekly financial newspaper ” La Tribune ” in its latest report has said that France and India are on track to power the Indian light combat aircraft (L C A) with the M88 as part of the Kaveri program which currently is been resurrected with French help.
La Tribune report says that Major Announcement will be made when Emmanuel Macron is on a trip to India from March 10th onwards.

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