Peter Oborne: This Is the Critical HSBC Story Deleted from The Daily Telegraph Website

The Daily Telegraph quietly removed a news report from its website alleging HSBC has a £70 billion hole in its finances, even though the claim came from independent analysts and was widely reported on many other major financial news websites.
The article, which was published in January 2014, reports criticism of the bank’s financial model. But it has since vanished from the newspaper’s website with no reason given for its deletion. Rival sites such as Bloomberg News and CNBC have stuck by the story, which reports claims that the banking giant may require a major injection of new funds over the coming years.

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the pet loo

The Pet Loo Launches Rapid Global Expansion in Economic Downturn | International Business News | Online Business News – International Business Times

the pet loo

The Pet Loo Launches Rapid Global Expansion in Economic Downturn


We hear about negotiations surrounding austerity and debt in Greece and the perilous status of the Euro, while U.S. credit has recently been downgraded. But this global recession doesn’t deter Tobi Skovron, the 31-year-old CEO and Founder of The Pet Loo. He has his eyes set on bringing his "backyard in a box" pet product to 150 countries by the end of 2012.

This bold ambition is nothing new for Skovron, who thought of the idea when he was just 23 years old. At the time, he was living in a high rise apartment in his native Melbourne, Australia with his dog. He needed a solution to the constant demand of running up and … Read More