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We may think that everything’s the same in today’s change driven and hectic business world. These days, many entrepreneurs are all those future focused people launching latest startup with services and products that is promising to change the game and world at the same time. But according to research, a big number of new business owners don’t start businesses based on original idea. Rather, someone else like a franchise, an online retail store, a brick and mortar shop, local service provider etc. is where their idea is coming from.

With this being said, does it suggest that they have a visionary approach to business and innovative thinking? These days, the reality of businesses is that, everyone needs to be an innovator or, risk becoming irrelevant. Many clients, consumers and employers even need to expect better experiences with everyone they’re conducting business with. As a society, we are no longer contented with things that just work as we are looking forward for things that are less expensive, work faster, more efficient, better and more enjoyable to use.

On the other hand, you have to know that this innovation is applicable to everyone regardless if you are selling latest technologically advanced gadgets or delivering exceptional lawn care service in your community, managing a gift shop or selling a tasty good sandwich. You’ll either come up with new, fresh and innovative ways to delight your customer or someone else would do it.

By reading the tips below, you will be able to think more of innovation and thus, succeed in anything you pursue.

Try to make something better – there are some people stuck with the concept of innovation, thinking that the only real game changing ideas are what’s worth the time. Incremental innovation is taking something that exists and then, making it better. This is another type of innovation and is valuable and important as well. So a better move to make is to look at your business and see things that can be improved.

Think of innovation as a daily activity – don’t think of change making as something you should do every now and then. Rather, make it as part of your day to day routine to find new ways of improving the way you do your business. How could you make your product more desirable or better or like how you can improve customer experience?

Empower employees – a good idea can out of nowhere come from anyone at any given point in time. Make your business as a place where everyone’s ideas and suggestions are heard and considered.

Source: Mark Hurd

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