International Business And Economic Resources (Business Reference Services, Library Of Congress) (2)

world business finance and politicalDirectory gives information on government organizations, institutions, heads of state, cabinet members, nationwide legislatures, political parties, mass media, intergovernmental organizations, and political data on practically each country on this planet. If China is able to gradually move ahead with rebalancing the economy from investments to consumption, that might open a path in the direction of more sustainable growth and a gradual return of optimism in the Chinese enterprise sector.

International Business Information : find out how to find it, the best way to use it / by Ruth A. Pagell and Michael Halperin.

Still, political participation charges by low-income Americans are alarmingly low, and our antiquated voting system contributes to this problem.

Government, Parliament, the enterprise and financial institutions of the City, the Law Courts and the media are all on the School’s doorstep.

You could have the opportunity to select from amongst a listing of prescribed electives in International Political Economy and electives related to a geographic area (Latin America, Asia & Middle East, or Europe) to meet your degree requirements.

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