Play Cool math 4 kids games

Ask most kids how they feel about homework

And the word fun probably won’t come up, especially where math is concerned. For many students math is a chore and for some a real struggle. Fortunately there are ways to help make math fun, and many of them can be found online. Online math games not only help kids learn but they also provide a safe and fun place for them to hang out online. Sheppard Software offers an impressive variety of online math games on its website.

Its bright and cheerful site is easy to navigate

And gives kids of all abilities fun games to play. They have games that help with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, pre-algebra, measurements, roman numerals, dollars and cents, “new math”, and for the very youngest students, cool math 4 kids games that teach counting and how to tell time. There are 48 math games in all. The site also offers learning games in science, history, English, language arts, geography, and more. Fun Brain offers 25 online cool math 4 kids games in its Math Arcade. The games cover all common math subjects, can be customized to the child’s skill level and are easy to understand and play. The site is bright and fun and resembles a comic book. The Math Games offer games for kids with more advanced skills. Their video game like games help kids learn about integers and calculator functions. They also have a Pac-Man like game that teaches division. The keyboard controls can be frustrating to some kids though. The Game aquarium is a search engine for online math games. There are hundreds of games in their database covering everything from addition
and subtraction to algebra and geometry. Each game has user ratings. The site also offers videos, e-books, and teacher resources. Cool Math is a math game site for teens. Their games help with algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, and more. The site also offers math lessons, practice sheets, a math dictionary, and resources for both teachers and parents. Their sister site, CoolMath4Kids, is for the younger set. The games there teach addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals, and other basic math concepts. Their “math for little kids” section is for tots 3-5 years old and offers a coloring book and other fun tools to help toddlers start learning math. Soft schools offers 33 math games 4 kids from Pre-K to middle school. Practice tests and worksheets are also available. No matter which site you and your child choose, spend some time on it with them –who knows, you just may learn something new yourself!