Professor Steve Keen on MacroVoices (4th May 2017)

Erik Townsend welcomes Steve Keen to MacroVoices. Erik and Steve discuss:

— Insights into the French elections
— The next move in the US Dollar
— Is the bond bull market over?
— Considerations on the levels of private debt
— The economics of China’s debt crisis
— Can we avoid another financial crisis
— Are we at the next Minsky moment?
— Housing bubbles in Canada and Australia
— Considerations for the U.S. housing market

Dr. Steve Keen is Professor of Economics, Politics and History at Kingston University, London.
He was one of the handful of economists to realize that a serious economic crisis was imminent, and to publicly warn of it, from as early as December 2005. This, and his pioneering work on complex systems modeling of debt-deflation, resulted in him winning the Revere Award from the Real World Economics Review for being the economist “who first and most clearly anticipated and gave public warning of the Global Financial Collapse and whose work is most likely to prevent another GFC in the future”.
The financial newspaper City AM ranks him as the 3rd most influential economist in the UK.