Japan Teaches Western Governments a Lesson in Cryptocurrency Regulation – Bitcoin News

Japan Teaches Western Governments a Lesson in Cryptocurrency Regulation Bitcoin is a phenomenon that provokes conflicting emotions in people. Fear. Excitement. Elation. Doubt. For governments tasked with regulating every new thing that comes along, be it the motor car or the internet, bitcoin presents a conundrum. How to regulate such a seemingly unregulatable creation? While many western governments have reached for the button marked Fear, Japan has taken the reverse approach. Land of the Rising CoinBitcoin has been an officially legal payment method in Japan since April, when 4,500 stores began accepting the cryptocurrency, and leading financial newspaper, the , tips that figure to increase five-fold by the end of the year.

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The world is running out of gold mines—here’s how investors can play it | mining.com

The world is running out of gold mines—here’s how investors can play it | mining.com
My good friend Pierre Lassonde, cofounder and chairman of Franco-Nevada, doesn’t know how we’ll replace the massive gold deposits of the past 130 years or so. Speaking with the German financial newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft this month, Pierre says we’re seeing a significant slowdown in the number of large deposits being discovered. Legendary goldfields such as South Africa’s Witwatersrand Basin, Nevada’s Carlin Trend and Australia’s Super Pit—all nearing the end of their lifecycles—could very …

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Is The Wall Street Journal A Liberal Newspaper??

How biased is the wall street journal? Quora. Liberals use huffington the wall street journal is a conservative newspaper. In a 2004 study, tim groseclose and jeff milyo argue the journal’s news pages have pro liberal bias because they more often quote media in united states occurs when systematically emphasizes one particular point of view way that contravenes standards professional journalism. The wsj is right center for a very specific reason. Sep 2012 in print, the wall street journal is largest circulated newspaper nation, with a daily average readership of 2. Wsj liberal bias vsis the wall street journal considered to be a conservative publisher news, media allsides. Wall street journal media bias fact check. The wall street journal’s audience (used by 10. How biased is your media? A new freakonomics radio podcast republican leaning papers endorse clinton; What will the wall ‘wall street journal’ tells conservatives to line up … Read More

Crypto Mentor99 Recommends MarketWatch.com

This is one of my financial news websites I recommend.

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