Felix Dela Klutse..

Felix Dela Klutse is a multi-award-winning journalist with over 13 years’ experience in various fields of journalism. He is the Editor-In-Chief/Publisher of Business Day, a business and financial newspaper in Ghana. Felix is also the leader of a youth association in Accra, who works to harness the energy, talents and potential of over 200 youth in positive direction through activities and training.

Felix has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and an Executive MBA from University of Ghana Business School. He is an alumnus of Journalism and Executive Management course at several prestigious institutions including the International Institute for Journalism in Germany; Wharton Business School, Pennsylvania, USA; the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, USA and the Institute of Commercial Management in UK.

His goal is to become a successful entrepreneur, who will impact positively on the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian through job creation. Felix intends to return home with fresh ideas and great leadership skills to continue the good work he has started in Ghana.

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