Foreign exchange Increased Quant Investing — Editorial on Gulf Oil Spill

The capacity to forecast the inventory sector is a license to print funds.

Below we describe a new program that will work in a radically different way than prior automatic trading schemes.

Our autonomous daemon program will work by ingesting large portions of on-line economic information tales, along with authentic-time inventory selling price facts, and then using that facts stream to forecast inventory fluctuations. An additional boost in performance is attained by seeding economic “information” tales by way of compliant bot nets to induce precise Inventory price ranges to transfer in a favorable way.

Gulf Oil Spill protection concludes best obligation lies with individuals in basic and they are to be “taken out of the loop”.

Embrace the Robotic Apocalypse!

[This Animatronic head was constructed from a Wowwee Elvis ($60, ebay) + a Serializer Parasite board ($99, Robotics Relationship) + a servo ($20).]